Clinical specialities
With 40 years experience in natural medicine, I naturally developed clinical specialities:

Fertility: using acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, I have helped many couples with fertilities issues, I started treating women on IVF protocols in 1985
My work in this field has been rewarded with the birth of many babies
Gynaecology and obstetric:
PMS, periods pain, endometriosis are condition that respond well to acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine combined; with many years of experience in this fields, I have developed a number of successful treatment protocols to help women suffering from these conditions.

I also follow all my fertility clients during pregnancy, and help them with morning sickness, back and pelvic pain, breech babies and late birth

PCOS is a common condition that can cause many problem for women: I treat these combining acupuncture with homeopathy or herbal medicine, I have many years of experience in treating this condition
Many women do not want to take HRT because they are worried about potential harmful effect: acupuncture combined with herbs or homeopathy is definitely a good alternative, I have treated many women suffering from the symptoms of menopause with surprisingly excellent result
Stress and anxiety:
Life in general is becoming more stressfull, and I often see people suffering from anxiety, insomnia, and other stress related conditions; the combination of good stress management techniques with the support of acupuncture and homeopathy very effective.
I have treated so many women and men for these conditions, regardless of the source of the stress
Acupuncture for pain: the effect of acupuncture on pain are well known, and well clinically and scientifically demonstrated; I use acupuncture for migraine, joint pain, spasms, sport injuries etc.
i use often electro-acupuncture, a special technique particularly effective for pain

Clinic location, time availability

I am in my Southfields practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and friday, my first appointment is at 8.15 am, and last appointment at 6.45 pm
on Thursday I am at my Kensington practice, my first appointment is at 10.00am, and last appointment at 6.15 pm
Please come on time as I might not be able to see you if you are late for your appointment
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